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Originally Posted by rudyunknown View Post
read the pdf from the website...didnt get the answers to these question..

IF I ride this event, it will be my first official is it for newbies

if i ride the 690, can i still be in a slower group of the adv riders? or maybe at the end of the fast pack, so that i dont get run over

Cars, how many motorcycle have been run over by them....i mean i will be scared to see a 60mph rally car in my rear view...are the roads wide enough?? or are the motorcycles faster?

My experince with sand has been Pine Barrens....did 2-3 PB300 in the last few years.

Support vehicle, why do we need one? i mean this event is for one day (right) are there chances of break down...i have a new well maintained 690....other than tires what else i need to be aware of?

You don't have to run the ADV class as a newbie. SandBlast was my first RallyMoto so I was seeded near the back but I still got points that counted toward the season total because I signed up in a points class. Since I ran Rally WV as well I was glad that I got those points to count toward the season total. If you end up doing more than one rally you could end up with enough season points to get an overall trophy in your class or for the overall points. Just a thought in case you get bitten by the Rally bug(you probably will).

I didn't bring a support crew last year so my support vehicle stayed in the service area. I basically just stored my gas and food in the car so it was ready any time we had a service break. I had plenty of spare parts and basic tools too. This was handy because stuff tends to loosen up due to the high speed vibration. I also used it to jump my bike the morning of the race because my DRZ battery was dead (every dirt bike should have a kick start....).
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