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Originally Posted by tallpaul63 View Post
Two ways to be safe camping in Baja:

Camp in one of a thousand campgrounds where you will pay a few bucks for a spot to pitch your tent, and you will have a little peace of mind knowing that others are around. Petty theft is possible, but violence unlikely.

Or...find a place so remote that it's unlikely that anyone will know (or care) that you're there.

Either way, I'd travel with a light load, without expensive electronics etc. Take reasonable precautions, and chances are you'll have a great trip. Good luck to you!
That's great advice tallpaul, thanks a bunch. I didn't actually know there were "developed" campgrounds there. I've never actually been to Baja, other than TJ. My guidebook is arriving today, but I'm considering not bringing it. Just a map and a sense of adventure generally serves me well.

One other question that may cross the line into "is Mexico safe": how far from the border do I need to be before I stand a reasonable chance of survival? I'm thinking about 100 miles should be enough to get past the real trouble.
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