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There has been alot going on this last month. On the 13th.of November, my mother died after fighting abdominal cancer for two years. This has also meant that I've chosen to move job (I'm in the military, so I changed base).

So time and money has gone to finding a new apartment and saving up for a deposit, as I got next to nothing from the old place. I'm still trying to keep momentum and focusing on the good stuff, but it's not much that I'm getting done.

What I did do though, is paint my cylinders and heads. To my surprise, this heat resistant paint is VERY durable, very easy to use and the matt finish is awesome. I will try to use this on frames in the future, that is for sure. The picture is not the best and I haven't polished the fins yet, only started removing the paint. It's not the best picture, but hey.

I'm on christmas break, so I am in no hurry to get stuff done, which I thinks helps me paint this. Just a little layer per day, then off to do other errands.

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