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When I was in the business selling oilheads, the riders who broke them in hard and fast never seemed to have issues with oil consumption. The guys who babied the bikes during break-in, obsessed about oil level, and constantly topped them off had bikes that continued to burn oil. I think it was more an issue of their bikes being slightly overfilled, but you'd never convince the owners of this, who never seemed to be happy unless their oil levels were at the very top of the sight glass circle. My opinion has always been that if you've got oil within the circle, you've got plenty of oil.

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I am convinced that oil consumption has everything to do with breakin.

KTMs 950s and 990s are famous for their oil consumption.

I followed a severe schedule I was told about - I broke it in hard for 100 miles and then just rode it.

The worst oil consumption I had was half a quart in 6,000 miles.

After that, there was no usage.
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