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Originally Posted by L.B.S. View Post
Great RR! Just stumbled across it now, so it feels a bit weird commenting on something that happened months ago, lol...

For what it's worth, this seems to be "luck of the draw" with Border Guards in or out of the different countries.

21 years ago, a buddy and I were going down to Texas on our bikes (me: CX500Turbo, him: CB900F) and we pull up to the Washington State boarder, going south from Canada.

The previous car leaves the booth, and buddy and I start our bikes and begin to both go forward. The dude in the shack *SPAZZES* and literally shrieks out the window: One at a time! One at a F*cking time!

He looks like he's going to shoot us, and sits there livid, with a finger pointing at my buddy all the while he's trying to waddle his bike backwards all loaded up with 3 weeks worth of luggage and tents 'n crap

Who knows, eh?
No worries. Glad you found it and enjoyed it.

Yeah, as you read, that's pretty much the experience we had going into Canada at the Washington border. I didn't get it. If we were at the airport and were traveling together we'd go up to the customs agent together, not separate. Guess its a big deal to them there. Who knew. Actually have video of it. It's pretty funny. Halfway up you see the red light go off and the lady jamming her hand out the window in a "Stop" motion. From there I backed up and let Stephanie go first. Ohhh those crazy Canadians.

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