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My Grandfathers first boyhood trips into Detroit were on a horsedrawn wagon with his Father. They would leave in the pre dawn darkness for the city on Saturday mornings. They sold produce from their farm, door to door. His father stayed on the reins, Grandpa hustled back and forth from wagon to house, food to the house, money to the wagon. The city eventually grew out to swallow the farm and the fields were sold to the school district. The original house still stands, flanked by two schools.
I was in Detroit last summer and saw the carnage you saw. What you don't see is the concentric circles of similar wreckage in the small towns around Detroit. For every job on the auto production line, there were 8 more jobs in support industries. For a hundred miles in any given direction, there are empty remnants of the small businesses that supported the Motherships of the Big 3. Tool and Die shops, metal works, textiles, plastics, etc. Thousands of family owned small businesses. Many of the medium sized names are gone as well. Fisher, Walker, Bendix, Aeroquip, Delco, etc. Detroit was once the jewel in the crown of American productivity. Businessmen came from around the world to see how it was done. I spent the first half of my life watching it all reduced to dust through greed, graft and corruption. They killed the goose that laid the golden egg, and a once beautiful city died a slow, ugly death.

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