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Originally Posted by zenduddhist View Post
With a properly setup sidecar, it's my experience, that they are very easy to maneuver. Depending on the bike and setup, they can be quite easy to steer. Don't have to worry about bad knees, ankles, etc. holding up a bike at stoplights, turns, etc. Can't drop one while at a standstill. Of course, there are limitations. I suppose if one has arthritis, carpel tunnel, etc., it could be difficult to operate a sidecar. But, they are sidecars made for people in wheelchairs, amputees, etc.

Plus, they look cool, and chicks dig 'em. Put a cute dog in the car and you will have to beat 'em off with your cane...
A hack is a chick magnet? Thanks for the warning! I'm doing all I can to avoid the other gender right now after extricating myself from my last relationship quite recently. All I need right now is my Beemer and a steady supply of ale/wine to keep me happy these days. I even wear a ring to keep those hot 85 year olds who are living in my new neighbourhood at bay.
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