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A bit more progress today, but nothing earth shattering. I went out to clean up the rest of the engine, which needs to be done before it can go in the frame. I was lazy and didn't want to install the cylinders and then remove them again before mounting the engine, so I just covered them like this to keep any debris out:

And then I finally unblocked the crank as well. Even though the whole flywheel and clutch is fully assembled, I was still nervous to unblock the crank. All of the horror stories told on this site had really hit home!

Left side on it's way. It doesn't look perfect, but will with some Rub N' Buff.

Right side:

Then I remembered I still had to scrape the old gasket off of the timing chain cover. Damn. This gasket is a major pain and I ended up having to remove the starter, which I hadn't planned on doing. No big deal, and now I can properly clean undereath it. I scraped away for about 15 minutes and lost my motivation, so I moved on. I'll finish it up tomorrow.

As the engine currently sits:

Then I decided to start readying the frame for the engine. I removed the jack from underneath and put her on the centerstand - the first time in over a year that she's "stood" on her own!

I went to Lowe's and bought two six foot sections of 1" pipe insulation:

And five minutes later, my bike was fully protected from my future ham-fisted attempts to reintroduce the engine into the shiny powdercoat-covered frame:

This stuff seems perfect. It went on easy, will be very protective, and is easy to tear off. It fits just about perfectly, and I can still get to the engine mount holes easily. I think I've decided to mount the engine as it currently sits - no transmisison, no front covers. I coudl probably do it myself without hurting the bike (especially now that it's wrapped in foam), but I'd rather wait until I have someone else here to help. No point in getting antsy now!
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