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Originally Posted by xpdishun View Post
Great bike! I think you may still have an issue with the vent line at the Y connector. The pressurized fuel from the helper pump is going to find as many ways as it can to the lowest pressure regardless of the length of the path. You'll have fuel squirting out of the vent at whatever the helper pump's PSI is.

I'm wondering, would you be able to just hook up the TT tank to the main tank vent and let the main tank pull the fuel in? If you plumb the main tank vent to the TT tank I would think the vacuum created by the main tank emptying would draw in the TT tank fuel.

Also, if you connected the tanks this way, the main tank would still be able to vent via the TT tank. If the main tank was over-pressurized it would send air into the TT tank which would then bubble up through the fuel in the TT tank and out the TT tank vent.
The vent line from the Y runs an inch back and an inch higher than the line to the tank, we will have to see how much fuel i loose.

If i run the lines with no pump only 3.5 gallons feed into the main tank, i dont think the pressure in the main tank is enough to suck the res out on the TT tank. from where the fuel comes out of the TT tank to the vent line on the main tank is 9 inches vertical.
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