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I bought a new to me 2007 SE from a fellow inmate a couple of months ago. I rode it home (ATL to DFW) and have been working on it ever since, can't wait to get it back on the road.

I decided to remove the sidestand safety switch and came up with a solution without using the aftermarket plug. I just cut the harness after the connector and wired the black and red wire together and left the blue wire with no termination. I soldered them together and shrink wrapped and taped the splice, plugged the connector back in and it works like it should. It saved me the $30 and the wait for the aftermarket plug.

I ordered the Dr Bean fuel pump PCB conversion as well. After following the directions carefully I tested the pump as directed and got no more than a cycle or two of the pump before it would stop working. After a few emails to Dr Bean where he assured me this was normal operation, I still was not convinced. I finally reassembled the bike completely, after the valve clearance check and carb rejetting, installed the tank and fuel lines and found I still had the same problem. It wasn't until I engaged the starter motor that the pump started pumping. I released the starter, waited for the pump to stop pumping and the bike started immediately on the second try. A quick ride around the neighborhood has revealed normal operation.

I just wanted to post my findings so that someone else doesn't second guess the operation of the pump after conversion. It appears on occasion the ECU might not call for the fuel until the starter motor is engaged, (possibly due to the carb disassembly and battery disconnect) causing the pump to appear to be inoperative.

Thanks, Dr Bean for all of your help and a great product. It gives me great piece of mind knowing that the points are no longer wearing out, my points looked pretty bad after 14k on the ODO.
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