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Originally Posted by seasider View Post
Signed with intention of taking the 12 GS but have an xrr 650. If geared properly would the xrr be suitable? What gearing for the speeds and roads?
I am completely comfortable with the GS off road but still think the Honda could be an awesome experience outside of possibly needing to adjust the valves along the way.

Thoughts from those that know or have experienced would be helpful. Thanks
The challenge for true dirt bikes is cruise speed. We ride 400-500 miles per day for 9 days. Every day there are 2-3 timed stages that you have to make your start time for. You really need to get there 10 or 20 minutes early so you can get ready and in line. The transits between stages are mostly pavement and long. If your bike can cruise 65-70mph you have no problem. If it is more like 55mph, you will likely struggle to make your starts. I plan to ride my Yamaha WR250R, but it easily cruises 65-70mph all day.

As an example, the club indicates small trailbikes like the Suz DRZ400 are not very good for the task. In my experience, even KTM singles are generally pretty slow between stages. Meanwhile, KLR and BMW 650's with stock gearing have been the gold standard.
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