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Esteli to Leon

This Horse Festival thing is totally crazy! They set up make-shift clubs, not bars, clubs all around. There are horses dancing, yep dancing horses parading around the streets. Great street meat every where and beers for sale on out of coolers every 10 feet.

Here is one of the horses that was dancing to the music.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I tried to capture the mayhem but you have to be there.

The horses walk the same area as the people. Horses are bigger than people and when a horse is coming you get out of the way. The people riding horses usually have a beer in hand as well. It is crazy. We saw a horse do a little spin move and kinda slam a young lady into a beer cart. Everyone just laughs including the lady. Total mayhem!! I tried to capture it but you just cant. I posted a couple of short videos on smugmug.

He wanted to know if this was a bull or a cow

These guys let us ride there horses just because we were gringos and they were drunk. No charge. Just people being nice and having a good time!

I told them I was gringo and didn't know how to ride a horse. Then pulled this cool move!

and this

Those guys just about fell over laughing. It was a very fun and unique night!! Off to Leon a little slow the next day.

It is a short boring ride so it all worked out.
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