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Originally Posted by fastdirt505 View Post
Wow, I just learned of this rally a couple of hours ago and am really excited about it. I've read all the pages here and found the website, but haven't learned what the race format is. Can someone give me the race format for dummies? I did see approx. 200 miles in sections of about 10 miles maybe. I guess what I'd like to know is the mileage length. How many sections it is divided into. What time the race starts, and what time it ends. Is all in one day? I saw some night racing lights and was thrown off a bit. Also what about gas fill ups and how much time in between sections waiting around, if any. Could you just load your bike in your truck and do this without a friend??

Thanks, and sorry for the questions. I know it's a learning process that will require just doing it for the first time, but I'd rather learn competiting than adventure riding it. Any help would be great. Look forward to it....course I've never gone 130mph down an open sand course. I know some said it's not a good idea to hit some sand roads at race pace to get the feel, but it'd be nice to drive up one weekend and get a feel for it.
Everything you need to know is in the Sup Regs....

Read those first and then ask questions
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