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Yes, it would be useful to have some sort of *objective* measurement of how "heavy" the bike is to wrestle with when it's at standstill or at walking pace.
Showroom impressions of "easiness to manhandle" are too subjective ~ varying form day to day or from showroom to showroom, when comparing different types of bike.

Height of CoG [if that term doesn't cause meltdown here !!!] would be a starting point, of sorts . . . but how believable would it be, in view of the difficulty of independent verification . . . and the trouble we've had getting realistically honest dry/wet weights to be quoted by manufacturers.

A more intuitive & comparable figure would be some sort of force [pounds or kilogram-weight] that the rider's foot needs to exert in order to support the bike when it is leaned over [at standstill, of course] to an angle of [say] 30 degrees from vertical.
This would need to be in standardised conditions, with foot at such and such distance [from the original midline of bike ~ 24"/60cm ?], with vertical force measured, . . . and so on.
That would give an idea of the relative "wrestle-ability" needed to correct a bike that's gotten to an uncomfortable angle stopped ~ or is being ridden very slowly on rough ground.

Still not so easy for the average citizen to verify . . . but if needs must, it could be done in a rough'n'ready way by using bathroom scales and a certain amount of ingenuity . . . and two strong assistants.
"Trust but verify!"
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