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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
What your saying has some element of truth, but since a judgment of how a bike "carries its weight" is so subjective, I'm not sure it transfers from rider to rider.

You say the DL650 felt heavier than a GS, but I rode both for a period and felt the exact opposite - the Wee felt a LOT lighter, more than the 50-lbs difference in absolute weight. Likewise, S10 proponents say that it carries its weight better than a GS and has a lower CG, but looking at the two bikes, I'd bet the CG of the S10 is higher and to me, the S10 feels every bit of 40-odd lbs heavier than a GS to me. Having ridden all three extensively, I'd peg them as "feeling" about as the numbers stack up: 475 (Wee) - 530 (GS) - 575 (S10).

Mostly, I see this argument that a bike "carries its weight better" is used as way to deflect criticism of a bike's absolute weight.

In the end, weight is weight and I think bikes of similar design carry it more or less similarly.

- Mark
I had a chance to ride a GSA, a 12GS and my S10 back to back last weekend. Even though the GSA's wet weight's the same as the S10's, the Yamaha feels much lighter lifting it off the side stand and maneuvering at very slow speeds/doing u-turns. The 12GS felt about the same as the S10, even though it's quite a bit lighter. I've owned the S10 for about a month and am still impressed how Yamaha managed to make it feel so light, well balanced and nimble. It's a real pleasure to ride even through heavy city traffic and wheeling it around is a cinch.
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