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Originally Posted by sinned View Post

Sounds and looks like an epic insightful journey ahead.

If I may, I'd also be looking at some more long term attachment solutions for the front bags, while you have the time and are in a place where finding, buying and fitting what you need is less stressful. The rear shock sounds like an inevitability so why wait and chance it. Get 'er done while you are in the US of A, again where you will have lots of choices, prices and availability. More than that you have the time and access to facilities too. As you may already be aware or will likely learn, not every jurisdiction has such easy access where suppression type activities are the norm.

None the less, this is your RR and thread, and some of us might be interested in some of the insights and discoveries you make along your journey, after all your intent is not merely riding a motorcycle two up round this wobbly planet we all share (or are meant to be sharing) that we all call home. So please do not be put off posting about items, thoughts, insights, or views that might seem a little off topic, it's YOUR journey of self discovery after all, and we are merely spectators accompanying you along for the ride.

If you make it to China, and specifically Ningbo, there is a bed, and space here - if needed. The same may apply in NZ or Australia, depending on the time of the year, and my travel and whereabouts at any given time.

Wow sinned,

Thanks for the great advice. I hope to try and write alot about how you can travel by motorcycle but also what
We learn from different people. I want to learn alot about myself and the world to try and find out how to improve both.

Thanks for making me feel better about voicing my opinion.

It would be great to meet up in China and/or newzealand and australia.

There are 3,000 pictures (from north america more to come) and a diary of our trip on our facebook page at the link below.
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