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More, More.

Alex and I got a little more done yesterday.

It's a bit cold and a lot damp about now, so we started a fire.

First split some wood.

The usual camp fire starting methods work great; when you're in a place where sensible people go to camp. This isn't one of those places. Who needs sensible, anyway? Or tinder? Or Kindling?

Plans, I haz them.

These are for the shock bearing bushings.

Yes, the bearings will have bushings.

The bushings need to be a press fit both inside and outside. They also have lips to set the depth of the parts so the bearings end up (and stay) in the right position.

Starting on the inside:

Then a whole bunch of work happens.

To end up with this:

Unfortunately the whole thing turned out a tiny bit too loose, so I either have to make another or just glue it in with loctite. I measured up all the parts again so that I'll have a reference for what works and what doesn't.

And, on a different note, I welded up the back of the frame. It feels good not to leave it lashed together.
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