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Originally Posted by fastdirt505 View Post
Wow!!! Would it kill you to add another post to your 13,000+ post count to answer out of the box questions to someone who has no idea about something you know everything about. Oh, wait you did reply with a smartass answer(maybe you thought the emicon softened your otherwise dick reply). Tried the site over and over earlier today. Tried the link and it shut my browser down over and over and reading news from 2008 gave me doubts about the site. I like you am only as smart as a browser.

Could've been real simple like.... yeah it takes 8 hours to complete the approx. 200 miles diveded into eight sections. No need to worry about fuel and wait time after sections is about 5...10..20 minutes and if all goes well you can do it without any help...or you need a friend for fuel.
Sorry, wasn't a smart ass answer, it's the truth. It's the instruction manual for Sandblast and its very helpful. Or you can just pawn it off on me, your choice. I'm using an iPad, so typing takes me forever, not to mention I worked 60 hours this week and I was a bit tired but I still made an effort to get you to read a document that you should read anyway. In the sup regs, it shows 7 stages, 3 sectioms amd a total of 69 stage miles (not a joke, I just read it in the regs). Generally, the sections means three services and in the case of Sandblast, two fuel stops and one long service(lunch). Its a fast pace, so don't expect to do any engine swaps or new stickers. Spanmer check, fuel and maybe a quick bite to eat. You don't need a crew but be sure that someone at the rally has your back or as Mouse McCoy said to me in the desert last year...... "have a back up plan"

The rally starts on Saturday morning at 8 AM and the start order is posted, usually there is a drivers/riders meeting and then the bikes start rolling out on thier minute to stage 1 start.
There is a chance that the last stage will be in the dark but since the rally has been moved up month, its possible that we won't. Wy not be a Boy Scout and have a light. Previous proper planning, prevents poss poor performance. For the record, all the above info is in the sup regs, except for the loading of the pick up.... Now that my thumbs are sore from typing and re-typing on my iPad, I'm heading to work. Haveaniceday
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