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Man you just blew my mind with all that. I'm a new rider who knows f-all about my own bike and somehow I've managed just fine, learning as I go. And I've made no significant modifications to my bike--I added heated grips, luggage rack, and a power port.

In Chile and Argentina (the only 2 SA countries I've been to so far) I haven't had trouble finding premium fuel, though I have yet to determine if they use a different octane rating scale than the US--anybody know? I think it's RON, not AKI.

The more remote places it is often a challenge to get premium, and several times I have arrived to find a town is completely out of gas. Usually once a day I stress myself out thinking I'm going to run out of fuel...though I never have, knock on wood. Off the main road, yeah you could get screwed. If I could learn to ease off the throttle I could lower my blood pressure a little, but that's no fun.

I would recommend making your suspension more gravel/washboard road friendly if you haven't already. But I feel my road tires have been sufficient. Keep in mind I have no plans to go to Bolivia, Peru, etc.

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Do try to keep me posted on how well your 1200cc did down there and if there was any challenging in finding a premium fuel off the main road?

I had a 883 but converted it into a high performance 1200cc with Buell Thunderstorm heads, 10.5 high compression pistons, .536 cams, and it is chopper style so when I decided I would use the sportster from Deadhorse to Ushuaia I am now converting the motor again. This time I am going with 2004-2006 heads, and 04+ cylinder jugs, forged aluminum pistons, and a stock "W" cams. I will do a .030" clearance between piston and chamber on head so it can handle poor octane fuel. Kinda curious as to how your Sporty will handle fuel down there..

Thanks for doing the RR!
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