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Like many people on the forum I opted to go with an excel front rim (still sourcing a rear hub), unlike many people I have opted to lace and true my own hub and rim. I have done this on many dirtbikes and did it on a few old RS125s so I am not a novice at it. That being said it is not that difficult but there are some issues to be wary of. I will be making a few videos of the truing process and will post links. This is a photo guide to the laceup for an excel rim, heavy duty spokes and a stock hub. If you do not feel completely comfortable doing this sort of thing leave it to the pros (Woody's), it can be catastrophic to you and your motorcycle as well as the new rim and hub if you do not do it properly.

Now I was sick so I didn't do the truing today and an inmate wants to watch so I will wait for him. Also I got my nice new Renazco seat in today and this little piece of farkle for my soon to be fiance.

Bravo Amigo....... Psssstttttt.... Does she know....???? Bling for you....bling for your fiance.... smart man..

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