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won't start?

Originally Posted by jrzyguy View Post

Love these signs...let's see, I think my choice is Zacatecas!

Here we are at the dealership. It looks a lot like what we'd see at home, but the bikes on the showroom floor are smaller...many 125cc and 250cc street bikes with drum brakes, yes drum brakes!

Here is my tech getting into it. I stayed with him from 9am - 3:30pm...he was incredibly thorough and dedicated to the task.

Watching him work in the shop with compressed air, a full toolbox, and a clean workbench, confirmed that this was not a job to attempt on the side of the road, unless you don't have a choice.

Everything looks good so far!

Well, the bike looks like bare bones compared to a few hours ago.

Unfortunately, when the bike was reassembled, it still didn't start...damn! I took a long walk back to my hotel to consider my options at this point!
Just a thought,the side stand switch is tied to the ignition,so is the clutch switch and if they malfunction it can be intermiten and difficult to track down.If you have not eliminated the side stand switch now is a good time to do this.I don't think your carb is the problem if it was running fine. A vacume leak can make the engine difficult to start,maybe at the enrichener or the intake can easily check by spraying some eather or starting fluid or even WD40 at the joints and if your rpm fluctuates that spot needs attention.Good luck I hope you get mobile.
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