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Originally Posted by tallpaul63 View Post

There are a ton of campgrounds throughout Baja. There are vast numbers of gringos who spend a chunk of their time living down there, and they travel with pickup trucks on the low end, to huge RVs in the middle, to permanently parked RVs on slabs with their own roof, set in place for the season. You might look for a very popular book called Camping Mexico's Baja (Rolling homes Press) for a good list of campgrounds. The downside is that this book is written for the RV crowd, so many of these places cater to that group. The upside is that it is quite comprehensive.

I don't know that there is a simple answer to that. I would plan on crossing the border early in the day. Ensenada might be a good destination for your first night. I crossed the border at Tecate and bypassed Tijuana entirely, which seemed to be a solid choice. If you cross at Calexico, you might find your way to San Felipe the first night. I think that town can be a bit rough, but nothing to worry about if you keep an eye on your gear and stay in a place where you can secure your bike.
Tallpaul you're the man, you've pretty much singlehandedly convinced me that this trip is good to go. I'm leaving at 4am tomorrow, going to try to get into Baja by early afternoon, crossing in Tecate. Unknowingly I did order Camping Mexico's Baja, and it's intense (in-tents?) Will definitely bring it along.

Hopefully I'll have time to throw together some semblance of a ride report when I get back. Should be a interesting little adventure. Thanks again!
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