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Fuel Strip repair

Hi Guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
The fuel strip is a mythical beast for sure. I had mine go at about 25000 kilometers on my 07 GSA.
I am in Canada by the way. I did the odometer thing for a bit . Then on a trip to the States I stopped at a dealer who would order in the strip for me and send it to my house for half the price of the dealer 7 miles from my house.
I am a handy guy and was not afraid to try the install my self. I also had worries about calibration as that is another BMW myth. You remove the old one put in the new one the BMW computer figures it out and it works.
That being said the only problem I did have was with the gasket around the part that goes into the gas tank. the first time it leaked when I filled it up. I had to drain the gas out and do it again. That was do to inexperience and part of the learning process. All in all not hard and cheaper that the $500 I was quoted to do the job of course that included the calibration LOL.
I still have my one none working strip. I will measure the resistance then zap it to see if it is fixed . I hope it works.
Good luck to all who do ether method .
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