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We try not to go over 60mph on the whole stretch from Wrightwood to La Canada. It's fun trying to NOT slow down for corners. Staying at or near the speed limit makes for a much more enjoyable and stress free ride. Colleen got a ticket for 65mph.
There are some awfully fast guys. I'll be going a pretty good corner speed and get passed by someone on the straight and then try to keep up...NO CHANCE...some guys are just FAST.
Just ride your own ride in control and know that the PO PO could be round the next bend.
There is an accident EVERY weekend up there. Colleen got hit head on by another motorcycle a few years ago. He was five feet over the yellow in a tight sweeping right hander. The impact sheared her BMW Oilhead cylinder right off down to the crankcase, that's what took most of the crash and probably saved her life.
Have fun, ride within your limits. Remember it's a public road with other users, some of them not accustomed to mountain terrain. Watch out for car driving snow seekers this time of year who come up once in a lifetime.
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