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Ushuaia, At the End of the World - 12/21
We got up around our usual early time of 9:30 a.m. because we’re going to ride to the end for the end. As can be expected it is raining and cold but we’ve got a mission so nothing is going to get in our way. With high anticipation we head for the park where the road ends. We hope we are in time but are well aware that the end can come at any time. We arrive at the park gate and find that they are still charging a fee to get in. Don’t they realize that in but moments the money will mean nothing. The young female attendant should probably be home with family but she seems unaware of what’s coming.

We quickly ride into the park and go to the end of the road. There are a few cars in the parking lot and we pass them and proceed to ride up to where we can park our bikes in front of the EOW sign. A few photos later a couple of park rangers pass by and inform us that we are not to be parked by the sign, past a set of posts that keep the cars out. But, what does it all matter when it will all be gone in a short while.

We move our bikes and walk the path to where it ends. We stand there in the cold rain and gaze out at the distant fog and wonder if something will materialize out of the fog and begin the process of consuming everything that is. But, nothing seems to happen. The wind picks up and it grows colder and sleet starts to fall. I know that the process must have started and then the wind calms and the sleet stops. Now is it time….we wait, but nothing happens. Finally we decide that our timing is off and it may come later today. I feel that it will probably be when the full moon is at it’s apex over the Mayan Empire. It will start there and radiate out until all is consumed. We have a couple of bottles of wine back at the hostel so we head back and begin to prepare ourselves for the night.

Mr Fox came out on the road as I neared the end. Perhaps he knows something is up. He circles me and then goes back into the woods to wait. Maybe if I return he will talk to me.

Here we are at the End of the World. We made it and even congratulate ourselves.

The view at the End of the World before the End of the World.

Joe puts on his best face, but I think the disappointment of the end not unfolding before our eyes shows through.

I keep waiting and checking my watch but nothing is happening. We've come so far and now can only wait.
"Right is still right if nobody is right, and wrong is still wrong if everybody is wrong," ~Archbishop Fulton J Sheen
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