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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname View Post

Glad you like your Montana, but seriously it's just an upgraded hiking and exploring GPS with Google sat imagery. It's lacking the screen size and push button controlling (too many issues with touch screen at high speed). We're not trying to say that the Montana is a bad GPS,, what we're saying is take the best of the 276/376/478 series, which were very high performance, and still are and make them better. Maybe utilize some of the Montana farkles into it as well. A true racer/rallier/dirtbike GPS, must have a large screen, be push button or handlebar remote controlled to be truly effective at high speed in rough terrain. The Montana doesn't cut it for that.

I think that no matter what any sized petition says the Montana is the new 478, like it or not.

I'm not here to tell everyone to buy a Montana, I have what works very well for me and my thing. I'm just posting to give another more positive review based on my experience. Remember, most people post up in the Montana thread when they are having problems, so it's not necessarily a balanced discussion on their reliability.
For me, track management without limits is most important as I need to have lots of tracks for my rides, sometimes thousands of miles of them. Coming from a 478 it takes a little while to get used to the touch screen, but like anything in time you'll be flying around it just the same. Just as configurable with everything like the 478, unlike the Zumo's.
For navigating unlimited tracks, finding gas/food, working with waypoints or just wandering with a general direction using the GPS to find the route, the Montana is prefect for me and proven to be trustworthy.

I understand your needs for pretty specific things, I didn't need to touch the GPS wile navigating the Baja 1000 route while at high speeds (for me), I just followed the tracks glancing down now and then, having hard buttons to zoom in and out would be useful, I just slowed down enough to do it on the touchscreen

I think you might actually get somewhere with a petition if you go a different route though, as the Montana is here to stay and is a good platform.

You know how bike makers like BMW, and HD have their own rebranded GPS units that are nothing more than a Garmin with an extra cradle that has buttons on it?.... Maybe you could get Garmin to make one for the Montana, even a wired remote with zoom and pan buttons that just plugs into the usb port on back.

Or develop one yourself, comes to mind.

That's the thing with the Montana, it's just software that can be changed to make it work for what you want out of a GPS, it's proven that Garmin can make add-on button thingies for GPS's and they have been very receptive to adding things software wise for ADV riders...

Now if you are successful and the Montana becomes the defacto racer GPS used worldwide in all the big races with the extra button module and you become millionaire, I get one for free at least.


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