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Originally Posted by Xmoto View Post
I have a question, the Green/OK and the Red Cross signs. I can't find in the regulation where you are suppose to display them when you need to. I have actually read all three regulation guides .
That's a carry over reg from the car side as is the deployable triangle. Ideally if you're stopped on the side of the road and not making forward progress you are to display your triangle in order to warn on-coming competitors and then hold up the "OK" or "red cross" to communicate whether you are in need of medical assistance or the on-coming competitor can proceed without having to actually stop and try to communicate or assess the situation while trying to navigate. I would think a thumbs up would tell me all I need to know but that's my take!

The key word is making forward progress and since bikes don't have co-drivers both of these things are more of a paperweight then anything else. If you're in need of medical assistance you may not be able to get to your sign or be able to display it where as a co-driver/driver could while the other is trapped under/in a car but it's the regs so you carry it. You can make your own out of a sheet of paper and a marker for the scrutineering.

Same with with the triangle, if you're making forward progress and NOT in a very dangerous corner, chances are you'll waste a lot of time trying to display the triangle and then have to go back to retrieve it,.....but never travel backwards on the stage on your bike,.....ever if you're sane enough to prevent it
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