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Originally Posted by globalklr650 View Post
Gas guy thanks for the support. I am really looking forward to writing ride reports as we travel to more adventurous countries. There will be lots of pictures and videos too.

Beergut where is happy trails is that in the San Diego area? I really don't have the $500 for a rear shock(thats what they tell me the progressive shock is) Maybe i can find a used one.
Happy trails is in Boise, Idaho.

If you are still in San Diego, I would talk to the Dual sport club you were dealing with or Eagle Mike about your shock and get their advice about what direction to go on it.

But, you have come this far on the stock shock, if you are happy with it you can always just continue on till it needs service.
Stock shocks are cheap too,as long as you can get one mailed to you wherever you are, or aquire one locally.

Also, understand that any after market shock is going to need service and develope seal leaks also, sometimes sooner than a stock shock.
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