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Still hunting for a bike in CR. I'll be arriving the 26th of January, so I still have some time. My brother in law in CR is willing to buy the bike for me, I have the funds there, now it's just a question of pulling the trigger. I was all set to buy a 2012 Honda CGL - 125 for around $1,900 US which includes all taxes and insurance for 2013. Would do what I want, get around the town of Pérez-Zeledón, to the beach and back (less than an hour away), do some exploring on tame-ish roads...but a CGL - 125 is what it is.

Then I saw this:
Pitster Pro LXT 400 at a Costa Rican bike site:

and a search led me right back to ADVRIDER:

and here:

How cool is that? A site named "my china"

This bike sells for $3,500 new in CR. My budget for a bike in CR was plan was to use it there several times over the next year and a half. But this bike has me thinking of another plan: after my six week stay in CR, I could ride this one back to the States. After my time in CR, I still have from about 20 days before I have to start work again. That's probably just enough time to get back to OR...way too fast of a trip of course, but it's what I would have. More money for a bike, but it would allow me to do a north-south trip through CA. Hmmmm....what to do......

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