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One More Try Cleaning The Carb

After receiving lots of feedback (both fuel delivery & electrical) trying to diagnose my mechanical problem, I had my tech do an even more thorough disassembly of the carb, including the pilot jet. We cleaned the carb body and all parts with carburetor cleaner, ran wires or pipe cleaners through their openings, soaked them in Pine Sol, and blew them dry with compressed air.

My tech even refashioned a screw driver to fit the slotted pilot jet for removal. Once again though, after reassembly the bike did not start. I am now more sure than ever the problem is electrical. After considering my options, I decided to leave the bike in Zacatecas, fly to CA, research and gather replacements for the potentially defective parts, and ship them with instructions to my tech. It may seem like an expensive solution, but it is less costly than staying here since receiving parts at this time of the year is a slow process. And a huge bonus with my plan will be to spend time with Julie...I've been on the road a month!

Once the problem/s are resolved and the bike is running well, I'll return to Zacatecas and resume my adventure! For now, I'll share more pics of this amazing city...I've been Zacatecas for a week now! I can not dream of being delayed in a more beautiful city! The weather, restaurants, and architecture are amazing...and the people, especially the people, have been so warm and helpful. They have made a difficult situation so much easier for me to work through. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to all of those that offered suggestions and support as I tried to work through this challenge...the response to my request for help was impressive, much of which was received via email. A big thank you to all of you!

Now, let's look at more pictures of Zacatecas!
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