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Thanks again

Thanks again to all the great responses. I will probably be using this largely as a daily commuter; at least until I am retired. I have hopes of making it back out west and possibly to Alaska with other motorcycle enthusiast someday. So, for the near term I don't think that I'll likely be doing a significant amount of off road work, other than those occasional runs down a forest trail to access more remote places to camp once in a while. I also will probably be solo the majority of the time with the occasional ride with the wife or one of the kids. It sounds like the GSA would probably give me the most room overall, especially considering any long hauls in the saddle.

One of the most encouraging things several folks have said is the simplicity of maintenance on the BMWs as well as the availability of parts....that in itself is a plus. Being in the military and not yet settled in one area (nor knowing where that is likely to be anyway) dealer support is a concern. I know most big cities have BMW and usually KTM, but the more out of the way places usually only have the Japanese bikes and Harley's (which was a reason I rode Harley's). But if the maintenance on the BMWs isn't as big of a concern and some of its easily done on my own or with experienced help from other GS rider's than that certainly tips the scales toward the BMW I think.
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