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My first spill.

So today started off great was a bit snowy and a little windy, but I had it under control made it to work duck walked it a bit over the ice and worked my 6:30 - 2:30 shift. Came home took a nap and went off the store to get an energy drink. Once again made it out of the parking lot fine duck walked a bit and made it to the store.

Headed home feeling confident and thats when it happened. Pulled into the parking lot in my complex and hit a patch of ice. Tail end started getting a bit wobbly at this point I should of probably put my legs out to try and stabilize, but I didn't for whatever reason I rolled slightly on the throttle and spilled it at 5 - 10 mph. Physics quickly teaching me the error of my ways with a nice firm plant on my ass and a scuff on my ankle.

Scooter came out fine a tiny minor scuff where the floor board and fairing come together.

I learned a lot from this and was quickly humbled, but as sad as it sounds for whatever reason I was more worried about what would happen to the scooter as it hit the ground. I should of been more worried about busted bones and open wounds. Not scratched paint and broken signals.

Scooter is a PCX 150.
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