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You didn't say whether you had a 658 or a 800. Difference being one has a single disc and the other has twin discs. There isn't a standard as far as I know as to what side the bars will turn. On a single disc setup, the wheel will tend to fall to the caliper side as it's heavier. On a twin disc it will fall equally on either side. HOWEVER, the clutch cable and the brake line will tend to throw both bikes bars to the right. It's difficult to get a good feel for the steering bearing tightness on these bikes but as I've come to experience, if the wheel falls hard to the right and bounces back toward centre rather harshly then it's too loose. It will bounce a bit but less so on a 800. I took "her" 658 out for a ride and the steering felt too light so I adjusted it to spec and it felt much better. The front tire was also worn out which made it feel loose as well. If in doubt have someone check it.

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