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From the border you can make San Felipe in a day without problems. I've done this a couple times and I goof around a lot.

I overnighted at Rancho El Coyote without a reservation. Very cool place, Highly recommended, especially with a sweety. It was $60US with two meals. This is on the road into the National Park, south of Ensenada. About 50-60 mi of twisty pavement into the park. When I was there, no motos were allowed, but the ride was still worth it. Not for acrophobs. 1000ft cliffs at the fog line. Sandy corners, sluffed road edges. Stunning scenery. Melling Ranch and El Coyote (part of Melling) are on the road in. This was a day to the border, for me. You can see the spot in my Baja ride report, in my sig.

Catavina to the Park was a days ride. From the Park to a couple hours across the border was a day.

I took it really slow on the washboards around Coco's Corner. I enjoyed the people and spent three days from Coco's to San Felipe.

Don't ride at night is a good rule, although I have done it at very reduced speeds (30mph) Very risky. Don't drink the water. Don't camp on unoccupied/unknown beaches. Drug trafficing on the east side of Baja where the road gets close to the ocean.

If you get to San Ignacio, Nano Fongs was a nice little motel. Cheap and really great food. At the intersection to the town plaza, off of hwy 1.

I like staying at the small motels and renting palapas on the beaches.

Gas stations are far apart on hwy 1, but barrel gas at Catavina and the turn into Bay of LA.

You will have a great time. I wish I was going south.
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