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From Trey's linky:

Roger has been in contact with Johnny Campbell and others in the motorcycle industry to increase coverage of the bikes and expand the sport for them as well. Things are still in the planning stages and the outcome will be determined by support from the industry but the goal would be to race the bikes on a separate day at the 500 and 1000. It will take many additional hours of labor and financial support but the bikes deserve their own race. Bike races would be streamed live to the internet and televised on national sports networks. The World Championship title would be earned by racing all three SCORE events and the National Hare and Hound held July 12-14 during the Reno 500.

Sorry kids but I personally think this means the bikes are fucked. He will pull out the bikes and quads onto a different day and then he will find it is too expensive to keep a "hot course" going for that long and too hard to keep personnel to man checkpoints for an extended time too. The bikes & quads will get dropped completely. Anyone remember when bikes used to race the Mint 400?? He's suddenly going to be part of the National H&H series??? WTF?? Is he smoking crack?
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