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Originally Posted by Motornoggin View Post
My daughter's Camry is a total pile of crap. 142K miles and we've had to dump $1000 just so it won't randomly stall. Still can't trust it.

The blue interior has turned an odd shade of green in many areas as well as starting to disintegrate.

Not a huge GM fan any longer, but Toyota's aren't without problems either. I don't think I would buy either make at this point.

Also, getting 200k out of any car is doing pretty good. Wasn't too long ago that every car was scrap after 60-80k.
My wife's Mazda MPV has 200k on it, runs like a top. I've been driving it to and from work every day for the last 2 weeks while I wait for the radiator for my Volvo. 140 mile round trip.

Speaking of the Volvo, 250k miles, and rarely an issue. The radiator is seeping a bit at the seam, but it's original, so I can't blame it.

The Durango we sold had 240k on it, our old minivan had 490k on it when we finally sold it, and its still running.

We rarely get rid of cars until well after 200k miles. I hate car payments!
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