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I used to own a GS and now own a Triumph Tiger, not that I recommend that for you. The new 1200 Tiger is amazing, but dealer support might be too thin, however, you might consider it.

I also used to own a KTM Adventure, but would not recommend that one. The KTM's are really hit and miss with their quality control, but in any case they are VERY dirt oriented and have poor fuel range because they do not get good MPG. Also, they are difficult to work on because of the way they are put together.

My GS ownership experience was not all that great. I bought it used and it was low mileage and appeared to be lightly used only on the road. However, once I dove into it as things broke, I quickly discovered it had a hard life and had been trashed pretty good. By the time I got it all fixed up I was tired of it and decided to move on. I narrowed my choices down to the Super Ten and the Triumph Tiger 800. I chose the Tiger, but the Super Ten is amazing and is receiving really good reviews on the forum (Beasts) from real world owners. If I were to do it over again, I might go this direction instead since they are such good bikes.
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