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We stopped 2 nights ago in San Carlos de Bariloche. It was a town that Miss O had spent some time in about 10 years ago. She looked forward to going back. When we arrived, we found a city that had just had a riot and that the federal government was sending in troops. We heard conflicting reports of the cause. Some said that an organized crime group had robbed a grocery store. Others claimed it had been started by some of the local laborers that were upset over low wages and didnít have money for Christmas presents. Sadly, the city that Miss O remembered so fondly was gone. The city evidently has been in decline (not like Detroit declined, but not the city of its former beauty}. All of the shops were closed and boarded up. We were told (by the hotel staff) we would need to go straight to our rooms and leave early in the morning. It wasnít that bad. We hung out in the lobby with some german friends we had met on the road. I had some beers. We shared some jokes. Walked down the street to buy some more beers after the hotel ran out. The city was re-booting. I guess that it is not that uncommon for stuff like this to happen around South America. I checked the American press and found no mention of it.

We left Bariloche yesterday morning. Chief Navigator Dirt had selected a route south through the Patagonia Mountains. The first part of the ride took us along unending lakes and beautiful roads. The second part had us riding along the most beautiful pass I have ever seen. This place is an order of magnitude greater than Glacier Park, Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc. The views of epic peaks from horizon to horizon just didnít end. The roads were the most perfect motorcycle roads I have ever experienced. Tight technical switchbacks, long sweepers. It was sometimes nice to find a straightway so I could look at the views, as the roads mostly demanded all of my attention. I rode the Beartooth Pass last summer with my buddy Fast Eddie, and I have to apologize, mi amigo, this was at another level. Wish you were here.
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