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Originally Posted by avejoe View Post
PCH in Northern California? Isn't that like calling the City "Frisco"?
There's actually a difference I think .... people here don't call it Frisco, but at least they'll know what you're talking about. If you stray off your route and ask someone how to get back to the PCH, they may have no clue. Same with calling this state "Cali" ....

Anyway, rain and damp is likely, ice possible in shady areas of coastal hills (but not right along the ocean) and snow, as someone said, is a news story. But there's usually no fog in winter, so when it's dry it's CLEAR. I rode to Monterey and back a few days ago (a very boring stretch of Hwy 1) ... you could see to the horizon and the ocean was brilliant blue.

-dman (Bay Area native)
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