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Originally Posted by rdwalker View Post
That may be the clue you are loooking for. You may want to check out the rear brake switch - that's most likely where some damage could occur.
Normally, brake lights go on/off with the switches - even before completing the self check.

I am looking at the wiring diagram: the rear brake switch has two wires coming out: Yellow/Black and Yellow, going to a 2-pole connector before heading up to the ZFE (chassis controller). According to the diagram, the connector is zip-tied to the crossbar, just forward of the upper rear shock mount. Open up the connection and measure with ohmmeter whether the switch closes circuit.
Ok... I thought I was proficient until you start talking volt meter on the zebra con to the 5.3rd power. I am humbled.

When I get to the bike ill compare your post to whatnot can see. Thx for helping.
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