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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
when else da ya get a chance to countersteer with a cage ?

quite honestly, rear 2wd gets you around as good as ya need to all 4wd does is get ya suck further off the road, the only advantage I have found with 4wd is generally they have more ground clearance to help thru deeper snow

Dad always told me, "Every car on the road is four wheel STOP." I will never forget the first time he had to drive his '09 Forester with the all time Symmetrical AWD (whatever that means) on about 2 inches of snow... went out of the driveway, and all the way across the road into the ditch. Brand new car. Had it about a month. Had to go back up to the shop and come back with the tractor to get it out.

I've owned three vehicles that were good in the snow. My '88 Mighty Max, little truck, as long as the wheels could hit the ground it would go. Easy to get it stopped too. My '89 Chevy 1500, Easiest way to get it unstuck is to stop, get out, and put the chains on it - then it's unstoppable. (It helps that it's a big ugly beat-to-shit longbed truck, because even the most crazed lexus 450 SUV pilot will think twice about getting anywhere near it) And last but not least, a 1976 Caprice Coupe. This was the last year for the truly massive Caprice/Impala. The driver's door alone weighed as much as my KLR. It had a 454. Throw a few sandbags in the trunk, and it would go anywhere you pointed it. Just had to plan ahead when stopping, it took a little while. Never got stuck. Never lost control.

None of these, of course, are as fun in the snow as my 250 Husqvarna. Wish I could ride THAT to work.
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