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Originally Posted by ztrab View Post
Heading down middle of Jan for ten days, 2-up with my wife on my GS. I have ridden many times on my GS, HP2, XR 650, KTN 525 and KTM 690. If you do not have experience in deep sand, get some so it doesn't bite you, otherwise you can get a fully loaded GS on any of the two-track routes to all the good spots - San Francisquito is still one of the few untouched spots, a beautiful ride from the south end of BOLA, about 80 miles. Broke my shoulder last winter, so I had to cancel my annual trip, so I don't know if Juan and maria are still running the place or if it is still standing. Check in for me and if Howard is around, buy him a beer. for me. 5 star accommodations I have always been able to get gas at SF, it is about 80 miles to Gurrreo Negro from FS to the Pemex in town gas or 110 to Vizciano. One the return, if you are taking Hwy 1, you can go around the Sur/ Norte check point 9 it is hit or miss, but sometimes they will nail you fro an FMT. I have a Mexican green card, bu tI still go around the check. After the second Pemex in town heading westerly, you will see a canal, take the dirt road on the east side, it is the airport road, and it will dog leg n/e out to Hwy 1 north of the check. I have a mostly paved itinerary if you are looking fo ra easy loop from Tecate to Loreto, just PM me you email addy. My wife adn i have done Copper Canyon a few times solo, including Batopilas - never had any problems, but I have been traveling south for 45 years. Be smart and always look over your shoulder before you pull out to pass - see Crashmaster's No Fumar..... it is easy to forget on lonely stretches of Hwy 1. I ran a car off the road once in my truck because I didn't look to see if I was being passed too - cured me and now Vinny has the cure.

Have a great trip and if you go to San Fran, stop at San Rafel, a beautiful beach about 20? miles N. from San Fran and say howdy to Poncho. He always has tequilla and fruit for me, maybe because he digs my spanish speaking blonde wife and I always make my fellow riders throw in tequila $. On the way out of San Fran there is an Eco lodge visible from the road, I think it is still a working ranch too and they have bailed me out more than once. A good place to stop, have a beer and pay your respects.
very helpful, thank you!
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