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Originally Posted by globalklr650 View Post
Does anyone know when a chain and sprockets are really dead? Like can't go more than 600miles and it will fail. I will post pictures of my hooking drive sprocket soon.

I have to replace my chain soon and probinly should before mexico. We got 16,000 miles so far on the chain with our overloaded 1,100lb bike.

Does anyone know what the stock chain and sprocket are for the 2011 klr650? Where is the cheapest place to find them?


I've been getting sprockets and chains from as a package deal. Also since you're loaded so heavy you need to adjust your chain with the bike loaded. You don't want to have to tight of a chain.
I'm not sure of the proper way to set up a shock, but I installed a 600lb spring on my stock shock, and progressive springs in the forks. I haven't had any problems with this set up. But I way 265lbs, and use ammo cans for panniers, and a 46 litre Givi trunk. I'm probably pretty close to your load when I'm loaded. This has worked for 55000 miles, and 7 years.
I always hear how much weight the ammo cans add, but they are indestructable. I've dropped the bike hard on them a few times, and they still look good. I have them mounted on a ratpack rack. The ammo cans also help the bike float if you get into deep
I'm looking forward to the rest of your RR. Take your time enjoy the ride.
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