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We got on this great little track weíve ridden on many times for our last stretch of dirt before hitting the blacktop home

Dave rode ahead after the last gate and I came up over the crest to some carnage.

Heíd been travelling at about 100km/h and was caught out by this sweeping left hander.

Dave was lucky to walk away with just a cut nose and a few bruises. The BMW? Well, whatís a few more broken bits?

Iím standing on one of Daveís skid marks, the otherís in his jocks. Iím pointing to my track here where I very nearly met the same fate. The BMW spun in the air after Daveís not so graceful dismount coming to rest about 15m from where it hit the verge.

About an hour later and some bush mechanics with a large rock and some muscle we managed to knock the front subframe into a position where it was rideable. Dave gave it a short squirt up and back to test, repacked the gear and we were away.

We jumped onto the black top about 5km further on and I followed Dave most of the way home. After a short stop and debrief we parted ways and headed for home down the freeway.

Great ride, great company and a great adventure.
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