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Originally Posted by Shunka View Post
I offered to brew up some beer for the DV meet up in March. Given the number of participant and the amount of beer needed it quickly became apparent to me that my kitchen and equipment was going to be vastly inadequate.

I found this place and suggested a meetup for anyone interested in brewing some beer.

I started this thread so we can brainstorm and coordinate everything and not clog up the meet up thread.

I will edit this post with those "IN" as they commit. Hopefully those interested can commit some $ to this as well as this isn't going to be cheap. Their website list $250 for 6 cases. If this takes off and we can guarantee them a certain amount maybe we can negotiate the price down a bit.

Chime in with any suggestions!
IN. I will have comments later. I will be happy to help any way that I can.

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