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Phew....we survived that Mayan thing.

I just climbed outa my bunker and found that EC has supplied an update on the ride report. He's on a roll now

Ok, so we've headed off into the unknown (to us) Central Costa Rican Cordilleras, with nary a single thing we might need in the event of a....well whatever.
Churning our way up switchback after switchback, climbing and climbing. The trusty Tornado's are gasping for air, they don't like this one bit. In fact, in order to make it up each run between switchbacks, we have to pull the clutch, and wind the engines up to about 6-7K to get them up into the meat of the power curve, and then drop the clutch, lurching upward. We have to keep doing this two or three times each run, until we make it up to the next turn. Then do it again, and again.

I notice the time.......just can't help it. We don't really know where we are, and we don't really know if we can even get out this way. Haven't seen a single soul in several hours. My mind plays through all the scenario's....we could spend the night out tents or sleeping bags. Wouldn't be the end of the world by any means, just an uncomfortable night. We discuss it, and decide to continue on...can't be that much further, can it?

Bike's running like crap....I think it may be running out of gas...definitely running out of air.

We get rewarded with stunning views at every turn.



We finally make it to an intersection.....left or right? We choose left.

Good choice...we start to see some civilization, and eventually it takes us out to what we figure is the Pan American. It's none too soon as darkness is approaching quickly. We have a long way to go to get back to the Pelicano, and much of it through unfamiliar territory for the dark. Bikes running even worse if that's possible.

We start down.....

Where's EC? He was just behind me a minute ago. I turn around a go back....

They say disaster is usually preceeded by a series of errors or minor miscalculations that turn into a larger this our second or third one? I try not to think about it.

The 18 wheelers are lumbering past us, a little close for our comfort. We move across the road, trying not to further compound our quickly eroding situation. We try to get some air into the tire, but only succeed with a little air and a great amount of effort. We're gonna have to get this tire fixed before we go very far. The cameras stop clicking as we get serious and try to figure out what to do. Thorsten said...if we get a flat tire, find one of the zillions of roadside tire repair shops and get it fixed. Doesn't seem like this is a likely place or time to get a tire fixed. We ride back up to the Soda we saw when we came out onto the Pan-Am. We have a really hard time getting our problem across to the lady at the shop. We move on until we find some guys hangin out in front of a house. We ask and they get it, and point us to the place we need to go. Unbelievable.....within a couple of miles where we find out we have a flat tire, there's a guy with a shop to help us.

EC and I go to work getting the wheel off.

We're fixed and back on the road in short order....

Now we just have to find our way back to the Pelicano. I've actually come to terms in my mind that we're probably gonna spend the night in San Isidro. We find our way there and get gas. That's one thing off our minds.

At the lower elevation, the bikes start to run a lot better and we head off in search of our base camp.....boy this does not look familiar at all. We make a few false starts and eventually find something that starts to look familiar. You never know what you're going to find in the road here and especially at night, its extra dicey. Dogs, donkeys, horses, potholes, boulders, you name it. It's pretty late by the time we finally make it back to the Pelicano. The owner is waiting for us. We score some Bavarians from him......We revel over the events of the day.....
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