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I talked to a retired friend of mine who was a chemical engineer for Dow (an avid MXr who used to ride with Dick Mann back in the day). I asked him about E10 and showed him the pics of your throttle bodies; he said that ethanol is a solvent and by itself wouldn't leave those deposits. He said that crap looks like old gas varnish from the fuel system (tank, gas lines & fuel pump) that was dissolved by the ethanol and got deposited on the butterflies where it accumulated and hardened.
I have to agree with that to some extent. After I got all that cleaned up I went into a local independent cycle shop here that I get my supplies from for a can of chain lube and started talking to an older gentleman there. One thing led to another and I told the story and showed him those photos. Immediately he says it's not the ethanol leaving the deposits but rather the emulsification being made by the fuel conditioner used. I had been using Lucas Ethanol Fuel Treatment at the time. Regardless, it's still a problem one way or another.

Thanks for that input, it goes to give credit to his thoughts.
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