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Originally Posted by Burmshot View Post
It's pretty said when somebody posts a ride on ADV and then wants you to go to his personal ride site to find out the details. That sounds like a troll looking for members for his own ride site. That's pretty said that you are trying to steal guy;s from ADV and other ride sites to join your ride site. I've been to your site it sucks nobody there to talk to and you have the most posts on it. Have a little class buddy and respect the ADV site.

Dood, you need to get a clue. ADV is a world wide forum, but there are lots of other spin off groups and sites where events and ride details get planned.

Anyway...enough of that BS. BTW, I think you meant 'sad', not said.

We are likely to be out there with Jerry. Have made a few trips out there and it's good desert riding. We bring an RV as well, and the three pomeranians. My kid is 18 and rides with us too.

Does anyone go ride Bradshaw Trail from there? Or do you all go west and up in the mountains instead of east?
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