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So I finally got some time to work on that outboard pipe that I did not like and do a little more of the exhaust system.

I cut the outboard pipe in order to add in a section of bend to bring it up higher

At least I got to see how my welding was looking on the inside

I added in the small section which put the pipe up quite a bit higher but it now does not match up X pipe I made

So I have to cut it again and add in yet another bend

Now that the piper was higher I had to modify the corresponding pipe on the X-pipe I ended up adding a small bend to it and using some heat to fine tune it

and now the finished product

Since I am finally done I can start to route the pipes up under the seat to finish this portion off

I only had 2 hours tonight to get this done so I was not able to finish the exhaust off completely however the next photo give an Idea of where it will exit and what it will look like when I am finished

I will spam this board with more photos as I take them
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