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Originally Posted by 2on2off View Post

Excellent recon report and great pics and video.

Did you see any ice on South Pass or just snow?

This looks like Larryboy's kinda weather for riding in DV. He doesn't seem to mind tent camping when it is 24 degrees out. Looks like you enjoy the cold riding also.


No ice on south pass, just a little snow and compacted snow from trucks in the usual shady spots. The photo with snow on the road was the most there was up there, with all this rain/snow coming to socal this week that should probably change.

Yeah, I don't mind cold riding and camping, used to ride/commute year round when I lived in Chicago. This short ride was a cold one though on a bike with no windscreen, even with good cold weather gear. Now I'm sick as hell too...
Still was enjoyable all the same and I'm really looking forward to going back with more time ASAP.

Will be interesting to see what you guys find on your upcoming rides.

Thanks Junior, glad you like!
It didn't suck I was alone, I was in the best of company. ;)

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